Analog Seoul App Reviews

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Beautiful results, simple and fast

Love the results I am getting from this app. The filters add a beautiful airy look to my images. Dear devs - please, please, please give us the option to save in other resolution sizes - mainly the original resolution of our photos coming in. Also would be great if we could keep our exif data in tact on export. Adding these two features would make it the perfect app for me. Thanks!

Update AnalogFilm

Instead of updating all these little apps can the developer please update AnalogFilm instead? That was one of the best photography apps and even tho some of us have purchased all these newer apps with almost no filters compared to AnalogFilm, we still want the old one back.

Beautiful photos

If you want a Korea-fied selfie, this app will do it. If you follow a lot of korean instagram users like I do then you know what I mean - slightly gray, milky, pale wash it puts in photo, that gives pinks and reds more of an orange look? Exactly that, I love it. It blackens the black and brightens the light making for a really pretty contrast. It's amazing for use on landscape photos too - the sky has never looked so vibrant and dimensional with these filters, I find my taking pictures of random things and seeing that with a nice filter and some lighting adjustment, everything is pretty. Love this app.

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